Dos And Don’ts Of Sales Enablement Tools

For every business move, strategy and investment, there is a certain list of dos and don’ts, positives and negatives, pros and cons, etc. For example, no business has an unlimited amount of investment and resources to use for its campaigns. It is usually enough that only a selected few things will be invested in from each department. Hence, it is important to make sure that no resources will be lost or wasted.

Recently, the trend of using sales enablement tools has surfaced. Top companies now use tools like Content Camel to facilitate their salesforce. The use of these tools provides salesforce with necessary information. Like other things, there are some dos and don’ts that one must follow when using these tools. Let’s take a look at them:

Content Development and Management
Content development and content management are the most difficult work of all. Consequently, it is why businesses must invest in technological tools like the Content Camel. This is to ensure that the development team produces content that is highly customized and relevant.


You should outline a strategy accordingly that will achieve the midpoint of what the sales department wants and what the marketing department can provide.


Try not to go overboard with the strategy and ensure that it will provide the midpoint as lack of direction from one side will cause money loss and reputation to plummet.

learning never stops but it will be hindered without the proper resources. It is not easy with all the constant technological changes and updated technology. This is why it is a need that a business’s employees, especially those in sales and marketing always be coached or educated. This coaching must include the newest plans and tools.


Try your hardest to provide your employees with constant training and lessons on all things. To illustrate, make learning a routine and cover as many topics as possible.


nonetheless don’t limit yourself to one type of coaching and topic, try different and newer things for both. Also, don’t be in distress about theory-only coaching. This is because not all of the things need to be practiced, some are just for increasing knowledge.

Customer Satisfaction

All of those hours spent on strategy planning and re-planning, content development, and writing hundreds of customized emails don’t matter. It is because, in the end, it all filters down to one person’s reaction; the customers. This is why you must have satisfied customers within your limited budget.


Encourage your employees to evolve along with the buyers. Allow them to store data related to customers and build a large database. Therefore, this will allow your sales employees to have a deeper insight into what the customer wants.


It is best to try not to deceive yourself about the unknown. Your customers’ needs and wants will not change or sway drastically from what they originally were. It is best to try to be more open-minded and quick to adapt to what the customer wants.

Measuring Performance

Just the implementation of the tool is not enough. You need to be able to measure and analyze the performance of the tools you implemented on your campaign and know what works and what doesn’t. Try making your team understand and discuss these options amongst themselves for best results.


You should have clarity in your investments in the form of results for the metrics used and common goals that are sensible for both; marketing and sales. Work together to understand differences and most effectively contribute to the success.


Don’t just stock up on analyzed results, go through them and evolve them to better suit the needs of both teams. This allows for clarity of how each member’s collective performance is affecting the work and investment.

Moving forward

It is important to understand what you should do and what you shouldn’t. This allows the businessmen to understand what is happening to their investments and how people are faring for their campaigns. Keeping an eye out for do’s and don’ts helps in reducing the number of problems and redos.

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